Bianco Restaurant, Damansara Perdana

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I always love sex and the city movie, the shoes, the bags, the clothes, the writer, Mr Big and the pizzas...the last thing is so tempting for me to simply have a small slice of it. I just cannot stand to not grab a slice. Pizza sometimes looked very sexy with the mozzarella on top of it. I went to one restaurant in Damansara Perdana, Malaysia, there's a place named Bianco. What an Italian name. It provides some Italian foods and another westerns'. It's not a big luxury restaurant, but cozy and romantic enough to sit and spend a time to have a light chit chat. I ordered caesar salad for the starter and the very thin vegan pizza for the main course. A cup of earlgrey, my totally favorite tea, made the dinner so perfecto. I and my friend chose to sit at the yard, with the stars as the lamp, and a little small cutie candle in the middle of the table as the other company. The dine was quite cheap with its perfection. The special menu in this restaurant is Bianco Special, a 8 slices pizza with an egg in the middle of it. cute! you should try it.

Thank you Mba Hani for the dinner :)

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