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I love picnic for I love nature and culture. I did my first solo trip on 2005 to Yogyakarta but it was a beginning with no continuation. In 2008 I started another new beginning of my hobby, picnic. Dragged my friend to Penang, and all passions grow happily till today. I started writing all my experience during picnic since 2 May 2009 when I realized that I need it to remind me on how grateful I am, besides to gather every piece of the life puzzles in every culture I have visited. And this blog, even cannot fully translate my eyes, my finger, my ears that taste the beauty of God's creatures and nature, has celebrated his second birthday :') Happy belated birthday Jinjinger, indeed the life is full of dreams!


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4 komentar

  1. Selamat Ulang tahun. Sakinah mawadah warrahmah yaa.

    Makan-makan, Jinjinger

    Kroniker #halah

  2. horeee ulang tahunan.
    kapan atuh saya ditraktir piknik?
    gak nolak saya mah..


    *minta dikeplak

  3. lho trip ke Cirebon itu apaaah hah?? apaaaah??? *PLAAAAK*