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Malaysia consists of 13 states and 3 federal teritories, living here for almost 4 years doesn't make me able to visit all those places, but in fact I have visited most of them :) I have promised myself that I will visit every states, even just one place, and federal terirories in Malaysia before I go home for good, but it seems impossible. Yet, I am happy and feel so grateful that I have traveled this far. It really makes me understand that culture are varies. One thing, if traveling means showing off, then you will got wrong on that concept. Traveling means learning for you will learn many things; traveling means mirroring for you will be able to reflect yourself to the real life so you can fully be grateful for God's kindness. Anyway, here I just want to remind me of where the places I have learnt at ;)

13 states:

Johor -- checked
Malaka -- checked
Negeri Sembilan -- checked
Selangor -- checked
Pahang -- checked
Perak -- checked
Kelantan -- checked
Kedah -- checked
Pulau Pinang -- checked
Sabah -- checked
Sarawak -- checed

3 Federal Territories:

Kuala Lumpur -- checked
Putrajaya -- checked

Will you visit the whole parts, as well?

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