Backpacking around Europe

By 6:31:00 PM

by Yuna

We question what we are
This has been the best so far
And I miss you
When we're apart

I... I barely even know you
You rarely do this too
I don't usually talk to strangers
Until I met you

And this feeling shall last
This feeling shall last
We are proud enough to not to know
That we are strong enough to let it go
And this feeling shall last
This feeling shall last
I could be a thousand years apart
And you always have my heart
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Well, this has been nice
We'll meet again sometime
But I can't promise you
'Coz I'm flying away

When I'm on top of some building
With the lovely view
I'll think of you

We're going that backpack trip
We're traveling around Europe
And 7 different languages
And learn how to say Hello
Oh will you do stop by the Eiffel Tower
We'll drive around Rome
Before we head on home

It's a small world darling
And we are still young
We might be so far away
We might just meet again someday


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