Chiang Mai: Let's eat!

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What else can you do in Thailand? Walking around, sight seeing, shopping and of course EATING! The things that I intend to do during picnic are explore the culture and taste the local food, as long as its Halal. I am eagerly buying snacks, meals and drinks to know the local taste. So far, I like Thai food as somtam, tom yam of course,  and some menus that I cannot remember the name. Mba Hani took me to Thai Restaurants, the serious one, I mean the one that really serve original Thai taste. She introduced me to the appetizer, main course, the drink and yes, me like it.

I am not a shopper during traveling, even do not really bother of buying souvenirs except magnet as my collection,  but am an eater :)) the good one. I like to taste food, but honestly I cannot finish the dishes, most of the time. That's why I need a companion to finish all my foods :)) Just like what happened in Chiang Mai, I ordered, ordered, ordered and it was ended up on my friend's stomach. I do not know how suffer he was when looking at the scale and knowing that he gains weight *giggling*

Here are, insects as snacks!
fish cake in angry birds' shaped LOL
Manggo sticky rice
Noodle with egg, it's like Lomie and it tastes good
Fried kwetiaw with chicken and vegetables. They put like basil leaves on it, and the taste was a bit strange and strong
The food stall in the traditional Market, around Old City, Chiang Mai
I found these pink eggs, cute ah?
snack, snack, snack
We call it 'jajanan pasar', 4 items for 20 THB I only tasted one, one, one for every item :D
Wawee Coffee located on the riverside in Chiang Mai. The river is clean, but the water color is still brown hehe. It's cheap to have a drink here if we convert the money into IDR, but for having 250 THB for coffe and snack, it was just too much. But I enjoyed the every second sitting in this cafe, tho.
Food stalls on Thapae Gate market on Sunday afternoon.
Street vendor, She sells foods as well as flowers for praying, this was taken early in the morning, around 6.30 am
Noodle with gravy chicken. I got my brunch in Bangkok before leaving to the airport. It was 40 THB and taste good. Put chilli powder then it's gonna be perfect.
So, there are some of some foods that I ate during in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Actually, I still need a good courage to try the insect thingy. I found this insect snack once in Siem Reap, but I have no gut to try. And again, here in Chiang Mai, I just took the insect from the plastic, looked at it and put it back. Haha! I cannot eat that thing. Really cannot. It does not seem like food to me. If it happens to visit Chiang Mai again soon, probably I will push myself to try it. I will. Promise make! :D

Let's do it in another time, and I will eat more!

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