Chiang Mai: Wat, wat, wat

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I finally had my picnic time to Bangkok, not real Bangkok actually since the itinerary was changed for so many times and end up with the new one when arrived in Chiang Mai. Yes, finally I spent my one and a half days in Chiang Mai :)) I have planned to Bangkok for quite some times, but had no chance. I was really excited to spend Songkran Festival in Bangkok this year for Harry told me about his experience on Songkran 2011 and I tempted so much! Unfortunately the ticket fare was really really really did not fit my budget, so I changed the date and found that there's a one day national holiday in May and I took another 1 day off for the completion of the picnic days needed :D Yep, Harpitnas -- Hari Kejepit Nasional when one holiday is in between working days become so tempting to make another days off in a row :D

When you get excited of seeing the first Wat (temple) the day you arrive in Chiang Mai, then do not be too overwhelm for you will find lots of wat along the day, along the road, around the city! At first, me love seeing the very the Wat. I took some pictures of every angle that I can make. Leave one place, then I found that there is another Wat across the street, then right besides the other one, and about 500 meter from the former Wat I have visited. Oh Gosh! There are too much Wat that I cannot concentrate to enjoy every detail of it. After five or six Wat, then I am just laughing for I have no idea how to enjoy the view. It was just too much that I cannot spend my time longer in one place, since I want to see another one next to or on the opposite of it. It was like when you are fasting and find a lot of foods on your table on the breakfast time, confused and excited! :))

I was about 1,5 days in Chiang Mai, really enjoy the weather that supposed to be very hot yet calm and nice. In less than 48 hours, I have visited some Wats that I really do not have idea what was the name of every Wat. I stayed in Old City, one area surrounded by wall inside Chiang Mai. There's the place where travelers stay, I guess. According to Wikitravel, there are more than 300 Wats in Chiang Mai, no wonder in every inch of your view is Wat :D In the Old City itself, you will be very familiar about the Wat's architectural, the old one with red brick or the modern one, I might say, for the wall was built like a modern building by using cement and fine  finishing touch. I always love Wat, from the very first time I visited some temples in Penang couple years ago and some other temples in Kota Bharu.

I am a fan of Wat for its architectural shaped, colors -- gold & red, the statues, the mystical atmosphere, and the beauty. Yes, it is beautiful. I can sometimes just sit and look at Buddha statue, without saying, without wishing and not even whispering. Just sitting and enjoy the beauty. In Chiang Mai, I saw people close their eyes and pray, walk around the temple and put some flowers as an inscription or something related to this meaning. Felt very grateful for I can see people pray on the day when I crossed one street in Chiang Mai. There were a lot of stalls in front of the temple selling foods, flowers, drinks and some stuff for praying. I really forgot to take the pictures, but the situation was very tempting that made me stop and visit the temple.

Here is Wat's list, and if you ask me "which temple did I visit?" then the answer definitely I DO NOT KNOW *LOL. I really do not know which of which temple I visited, I was just enjoy the trip and the fact that there are hundreds of temples. So, you better notice which temple you will visit by the time you travel in Chiang Mai, ya ;)

I do not give the caption on every photo I posted here, again because I just have no idea what's the name. But, hopefully you enjoy the photos and I wish you could visit Chiang Mai as well, some day, some other time :)

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