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I once annoyed by a friend who loudly speaking that she wants to travel as a backpacker, then it ended up asking me many many things indicated that she is just unwilling to involve herself on the searching phase before going travel. It was just hmm I do not know, I just feel uncomfortable for she asked me to find the ticket, for the itinerary, for everything and she really knows nothing. Yes, I understand that going travel for the first time is very confusing, but hello, we are on digital era where you can just click to meet your needs of information. Really. I myself mostly searching the general information about the place I am about to visit, then do the specific things like budget, place of interest, hostel, security, and ticket. After I got my point of view about this travel plan, then I ask some friends who already went there, ask for some tips, and cross check my info with theirs. Not merely ask and expect all matters come out from a friend, it's just not right. Moreover, when you claim as a backpacker that, to me, sounds very independent. Please. Well, what has passed, just let passed. Glad that I can help her as genuinely as I can.

Talking about preparation, my first traveling time actually was on 2005 when I visited my friend in Yogyakarta. All I can do at that time were setting date, buying ticket and have enough budget for everything in Yogya set up by my friend. Later, on 2008 I decided to have another trip to Penang, and finally got company. What I do was searching all matters about Penang; where to stay -- the cheap one, secure, near the city center, place to visit, transportation, weather, stuffs to be packed, itinerary and budget. That what I did, and I think every body should do the same attempt before traveling. I'm not a backpacker, I call myself a picnicker, it sounds lighter and less independent than a backpacker. But overall the situation, we are just the same, a traveler, so that the steps we have to go through are the same, at least similar.

Then itinerary. How important is the itinerary during traveling? For me, it is important. Even when you do not use it as a guide during your trip, but it is important. When you do a journey, you at least have to know where to head to. It's me thingy. Later on, when you already know the situation, acknowledge the place you visit, that would be another situation when you can just throw your itinerary. Itinerary is just like a basic principal in my traveling. I have to know what can I do and where I can walk to. You are a stranger, alien on the new space. It is not a accidental visit, it's a planned-visit for you already booked the ticket with the exact date and you already pick the place. You are visiting on purpose. Therefore, itinerary is the completion of the plan itself. 

I have never 100% stick to my itinerary during picnic. Even when I travel alone. I have missed the plane therefore I have to change my itinerary and cut off some destinations to visit. Let alone, when you are traveling with friends, you have different desire for the place you want to visit. Not everyone will love museum, but I do. Not everyone will love the temple, but I do. Not everyone not shopping, but my friends do. Not everyone not eat pork, but my friends do. These different issues may change your itinerary. We travel for pleasure, happiness, satisfaction and other noun diction, and we are altogether now. So we have to decide how can we get the gratification and meet all needs of our traveling partners. That's why itinerary is needed  yet not absolute.

My newest experience even funny, to me. When about to go to Bangkok, the itinerary has changed so many many times. By the time we arrived in Bangkok, it again got change to the very simple one. I got meetings with friend to arrange the place to visit, place to stay and of course budget. On the D-day, it changed a lot! :)) Formerly we intended to visit Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi and Bangkok, then Chiang Mai, Pai and Bangkok, then Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya and Bangkok, and ended up Chiang Mai for 2 days and Bangkok for couple hours. We spent the travel time in the train;12 -13 hours train from Bangkok  to Chiang Mai and vice versa. Yes, that was how we traveled! 

But then, it was a journey. Yes, the journey is when you can enjoy every second of it, with whom you travel, and how could you be grateful of having travel at the moment. Universe is so kind that you are able to explore every corner of it. So, initially made an itinerary, then finally you change the direction. It is what we call as a part of the journey :)

Happy traveling, pals!

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