NatGeo Traveler Magazine: Jakarta sepanjang masa

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This is my very first NatGeo magazine :) I used to read this magazine, the English version when I was in Malaysia. Mba Hani owned it and I read some of the magazines by the time I visited her house. What makes me buy this magazine was the word 'Jakarta' on the cover. I live in Jakarta, and have never been exploring Jakarta till the corner of it. Yet, I always have a will to do so. 45,000 IDR was good price to pay for these kind of information and influence, I supposed. As the bonus, I got poster of places to visit in Jakarta, awesome!

You will find some interesting information and stories about Indonesia and Jakarta. I have never known before that Tangerang is the place where 'Peranakan' stay, just like in Malaka, Malaysia. I love cultural thingy, and hybrid culture is one of my interest. There are some information about the development of Jakarta itself in term of transportation, infrastructures, as well as place of interest for tourism. Just noticing that there are numbers of museums in Jakarta as Musium Listrik & Energi Baru, Musium Seni Rupa & Keramik, Musium Manggala Wanabhakti and many more. There is also information about 'Kampung Cina' in Jakarta that I have never heard before. Wow, what a place! Other thing is beach, so many beaches along Kepualuan Seribu as Pulau Onrust, Pulau Pramuka, Pulau Rambut and so forth. 

I am getting excited to explore the city that I have never fallen in love with ;) But then, sometime we have to explore the thing that we even, sorry, hate. Don't you think? So, anyone want to be my company for picnic all around Jakarta? Be my guest ;)

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