Chiang Mai: Worshiping Money Changer

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The story was about me lack of THB during in Chiang Mai. I brought some notes in IDR, USD and MYR, and the last day was only IDR left on my wallet and some small notes in MYR which I cannot change it due to the amount was less than MYR 50. I tried to change the IDR I had into THB but there was no money changer that accept the notes! really! I have tried to several money changer offices and no one could accept my IDR. I was like worshiping them to accept my money, but they just couldn't. They  didn't even stated the rate of IDR on the board. Oh No! The worst part was that I mistook my ATM card with the one that actually empty, so that I really couldn't withdraw any amount. Can you imagine how panic was that? Fortunately my friend's ATM card can be used and we were safe. Thank God, Thank to the ATM ;) The good lesson here is that DO NOT BRING YOUR IDR TO THAILAND, OR ELSE YOU WILL GET TROUBLE. and make sure that you have some amount of money on your ATM :D Have a good trip!

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