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Ticket BKK to CNX for economy train @ THB 425, sitting with fan
On my way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, got my economy train ticket really in time, just in time. The train was 10:35 PM, and I got the ticket like 10 to 15 minutes before the departure time. Arrived in Suvarnabhumi around 8 o'clock, queued for immigration process and think 'how to get to the railway station terminal' for like another 40 minutes. Went to the information desk and ask, after that go straight away to the B1 level to get MTR to Makkasan using Airport Rail Link for about 15 minutes with THB 90 train ticket. This train is similar to KLIA Express in Malaysia, fast-clean-comfy. 20 minutes waiting and the train came right in front of me with so many empty seats, so that I can freely choose where to sit. From the train we can see the city light of Bangkok, not so many scenery tho, but nice :)

Arrived in Makkasan, directly ran to catch the nearest departure train (BTS) to reach Hua Lamphong Railway station, the station where I will take another train to Chiang Mai. It took another 15 minutes to get there. The time showed like almost 9:40 and the fact that the train to Chiang Mai has just passed made me upset. With limited time and ability to communicate with local people, decided to take taxi with THB 350 to get to another railway station, which I forgot the name :D and catch another train to Chiang Mai that will depart on 10:35 PM.

 The train was on time and it looks like a vintage train! Really! Most of the construction made of wood. The ceiling, the wall, the window cover...epic! :)) Me like it, though. It was not comfortable for a long distance trip, but the atmosphere was nice, really. Like I was in 1970s era :)) But do not take this train at noon since it will burn you, hot..the fan was not even helping :D

There is a restaurant in the train, right next to my couch that open until 11 PM and will again open in the morning around 6 or so. I had my dinner with Packet Combo 2 consists of rice, chicken with cashew nuts, soup and fruits. Thailand is so fruity country ;) me like it. The almost 13 hours trip has passed nicely :) 

Hua Lamphong Railway Station
Express train from CNX to BKK
the isle
the sink
the toilet
another toilet
the automatic door
here it is the bed :)
train ticket from CNX to BKK by Express train. upper bed around THB 780+ and lower bed arond THB 830+
On the way back from Chiang Mai to Bangkok I took the express train. The price is doubled, the comfort is even tripled with aircond ;) I experienced to see the sunrise from the window and It was like amazing... Silhouette of buffaloes in the middle of rice field was the very excitedly beautiful scenery along the way from Chiang Mai to Bangkok ;) 

You can see the picture and imagine the experience for I have no other words to describe it :) 

the view of father and son (I supposed) are washing the commuter. it was taken from my window of express train

"...and I was overwhelmed, and frankly scared as hellBecause I really fell for you..."

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