Krabi Town: eat, eat, eat!

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The ice cream made by order. You can order milk or yogurt. The liquid will put on the plate and the ice cream made, then.
These are the topping
Here it is the ice cream. You can order blueberry, strawberry, chocolate or vanilla flavors as you like. 
This is mine, Strawberry milk ice cream with whipped cream for THB 45
Jajanan Pasar we call it, right?

Kue Apem also exist. COOL!

Fried's sour and spicy, THB 10 for each. Nice.
Sushi! THB 5 for each
This is like otak otak in Indonesia

It was so much easier to find halal food in Krabi compare to Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. I just pick the seller who are wearing hijab or kopiah then eat, eat, eat! :) I have favorite drink during in Krabi, bubble greentea and bubble ice thai tea, it cost 20 THB for every medium size and it taste GREAT! you should try... 

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