Krabi Town: Souvenirs at night market

By 11:24:00 PM

Went to the night market at Krabi Town and you can get souvenirs that you want here. Taking taxi or tuk tuk from Ao Nang Beach around THB 400 one way, you better take return for you might find difficulties in finding a ride back to hotel. I took taxi, not the real taxi as you usually take, it is more like oplet in Jakarta :)) Will try to review it in another posting :) I bought 3 magnets for THB 100, 1 handmade-postcard for THB 20 -- this one considered expensive since I bought some postcard days before for only THB 5 each, yet the quality is far more better. Yeah, what you pay, what you get :) I bought stamp for THB 15 and asked the shopkeeper to post it directly to Indonesia. He said that it takes 2 weeks, but we'll see whether my friend will get the postcard or not. I bought nothing else in Krabi, so here it is the snapshots of souvenirs ;) 

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