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It's been months since the last time I visited Salihara for watching Karna. I do not know whether it is because I am busy or because I pretend that I am busy that makes me unable to visit this place. But then, I kinda miss going here and there alone, spending time and enjoying something that unusual for many people. Last couples of days, I went to cinema and watched Snow White alone. Again, after months I have never watched movie alone then I did it again. And it was never fail me, never. I used to go to the movie and watched 3 movies in a row, and I was like in love with this impulsiveness of going alone and eating alone and watching movies alone :) That's why I love traveling, alone. 

Back to the topic :)

I went to Salihara for watching this Miss Julie, starring by Ine Febrianti & Arswendi Nasution.  Here is the overview of the show:

Lakon ini bercerita tentang seorang bangsawan yang hendak “membumi” dan seorang pelayan yang tidak ingin selamanya menjadi rakyat jelata. Naskah ini dibuat oleh Strindberg pada 1888, ketika sang pengarang tinggal di Denmark. Miss Julie adalah salah satu karyanya yang paling sering dipentaskan di dunia. Dalam pementasan ini, Teater Luwes menggunakan beragam latar pendukung yang bersifat simbolis, realis sugestif dan selektif untuk menyampaikan maksud sang penulis naskah. (source)

It is actually a fully-love story show. It tells about a daughter of a rich family who is falling in love with one of their servants. Miss Julie, how she is addressed is a beautifully lucky young woman in a rich-famous family. She falls in love with a man who has no status in the society for he is only a servant. The slept together on the night when all servants and maids are celebrating the summer coming. After a very long conversation, the servant as Miss Julie to leave the city and move to some European countries so they can start a brand new life. As the consequences, Miss Julie has to leave all her life behind as  the part of a rich family. They have some expectations and considerations before leaving. Miss Julie who has lost her virginity that night was seen as a whore, meanwhile the servant was considered as liar, undignified, and thief for he stole some bottles of wine from the store. Miss Julie once drank a glass of beer for her tried to equalize herself with the servant, but at last the act was considered as a low act that she did not respect herself. Meanwhile the servant drank a glass of wine which he stole some days earlier. Pros and cons between two opinions occur, Miss Julie intended to do an attempt to suicide. This story ended up by both main actors not going nor staying.

What I like from this show was the decoration, how it show the real situation. With the kitchen, the wall, the stove, the chair as well as table. Lighting was perfect. Music was nice. The whole package was good, nice, chic. I do not know how to pick a proper adjective. I enjoyed the show, even in fact I could not really following the whole story :D But indeed, it was entertaining. 

This month Salihara has several programs that contain theater shows. You can try to visit www.salihara.org then get the schedule. The ticket usually affordable. As this show, the general ticket was IDR 100.000 and student ticket was IDR 50.000. Some other shows even cheaper, general ticket is about IDR 50.000 and for student is IDR 25.000. So, theater, anyone?

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