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Been meaning to post about me having this postcard from a friend who traveled to Thailand for approx 1.5 months. Lucia Nancy, usually addressed as Ucy, a girl full of passions that I met months ago. Some of you must have known her, she was the winner of Aku Cinta Indonesia 2010, she's a traveler, she's a writer and she's so everywhere :)) 

She tweeted once asking who wants a postcard from Thai, and I was like just spontaneously responded her tweet without expecting that I will get one of five postcards she offered to thousands of her followers on twitter. 

Somehow she asked me privately my address and here it is the postcard ---->>

I knew about Pai from one of my friends who have been there for days. The pictures and stories he composed was so beautifully tempting. When Ucy sent this and mentioning that I have to visit this place for its beauty, then I firmly agreed that I have to go, one day! 

Will you be my company, Ucy? 
Thank you for the postcard, me like it ;)

Postcard from heaven
Go to where you belong
Never find the perfect situation
Untill you know where you're from

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