Chiang Mai: Art and Cultural Center

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up-left: theater room, the place where documentary film will be played
up-right: one of museum corners
down-left: one of museum corners showing how ancient people live
down-right: at the front of the museum
up-left: one of museum corners, it is actually stairs as part of the traditional house, look at the barrel, you have to clean your feet before entering the house. it's like an old houses in Malay where barrel is put in front of the house
up-middle: one of the pictures in the museum, I like it and I don't know why :D
up-right: one of miniatures picturing Thailand's land
down-left: one of miniatures picturing the beauty of Thailand's land and interaction among the citizen
down-right: another theater room. there are several theater rooms with different film, according to the section of the museum; whether it is showing the history of Chiang Mai, the society, the scenery, the trading routes and so forth.
up-left: one of the corridors
up-middle: one of the doors heading to certain section of the museum
up-right: it is like an inscription
down-left: the miniature of temple
down-right: the imitation of situation in Chiang Mai society; the house, the circumstance, the artifacts
As usual, I always try to visit at least one museum in every stop during traveling, and I did it while in Chiang Mai. There are numbers of museum in Chiang Mai, tho, but with limited time, I can only visited one; Art and Cultural Center. Not bad :) I always like, appreciate and amazed on how the government build the museum and maintain it. I used to think that museum is a scary place to visit, even though it is full of excitement inside. Malaysia was the first country where I explore museum as much as I can, almost in every state. So far, the best museum I have ever visited is one in Brunei Darussalam. It was kinda big big big labyrinth, for me. Never ending story about the country, about the kingdom and about the king. You should visit it sometime :) How a building can be created as a pretty interesting place to explore the country from centuries ago until now, it's a huge thing. I am a person who don't like read a history book, but I like to know and learn about history through story and exploring the museum. Fun! :)

Well, about this museum, Art and Cultural Center, if you see from outside of the building, it seems that it won't be that big. Once you enter, there's like a labyrinth where you can turn left, turn right, enter one door and heading to another and you can find history! There are sections about history, culture and Buddhism. The showcase of every sections are made in interactive way, there are buttons that you can push which every of which will give you certain explanation of the history and relate it to the pictures/things exhibited. Just like there was a big map on the wall showing us how the trade route went around, once you push A button, then the dim lamp will ON and you will know where is the Golden Triangle take place, and so forth.

There's also a phone that you can hang it up and push another button to select the language you prefer; Thai, English, Mandarin, Japanese and several others language, then you can hear a voice explaining about the thing exhibited in front of you. I tried several, explaining about how people treat the guest in their house, where is the first bakery in town, what people do in the traditional market and some more.

This museum open every day, even in public holiday. With THB 90, you can enjoy every corner of it and you can even buy souvenirs in the gallery, but the price is not as cheap as in the night market :D I bought two sketch book which cover was drew by local artist and it was pretty good and fine. 

Try to visit one museum when you stop by in some places and learn the town from what you see and what you read :) Have a good day!

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