Chiang Mai: Malak Guest House

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Have no preparation for staying at Chiang Mai made me suddenly refer to Lonely Planet travel guide for choosing which place to stay for a night. Malak Guest House was the winner. I took tuk tuk from Railway station to this guest house, but before that I went to one money changer near the station. 

The location of this Malak Guest House was about 5-10 minutes walk from the main road nearby Tha Phae Gate in old town of Chiang Mai on 25 Soi 2, Thanon RatwithiChiang MaiThailand. The explanation of the book that mentioning about rooftop made me (and my friend) excited about staying here. I was just wondering that I could spend my night before get sleep on the rooftop, having good conversation, listening to some jazzy music and dreaming! :)) 

We do not have to do reservation, as long as there are rooms available. You can just come and see the receptionist. Each room cost about THB 200, approx. IDR 60.000 and it is a room with double bed-sized, bathroom, fan, furnished. Mine was nice one, there are two large window that I feel very comfortable with the circulation. The bathroom was small but good enough condition. The bed was a bit hard but good for a tiring body to lay down. 

For me the Guest house and the room especially was clean. The sheet, the pillow, the blanket, everything was just fine. It was pretty silence at night, I do not know whether the guests were coming back very late that I have fallen asleep or it was just exactly fine. I have no problem with the circumstances.

When you walk aroud, you can find some reflection and thai massage spots, cafe, even traditional market with so many traditional foods. You may like it. You can walk about 15 minutes to the Tha Phae Gate and enjoy the night market where I bought some souvenirs there. 

Anyway, for me it was just fine for a place to lay down and sleep. I even experienced the much more simple guest house once in Macau, and again it was just fine. The receptionist was nice and informative. We can even put our bag after checking out and take it another time in the evening without paying. What would you complaint about? Well, what you pay, what you get, and I think I get more than what I have paid :) have a great trip, pals!

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