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I went to Krabi with another four friends, as usual, traveling in a group will cost you less for you can share and bargain the price. Well, here are the details:

1. Airport - Ao Nang Beach return : THB 1,200
you can charge taxi from the airport, the price list is just the same from one counter with another, so don't worry about being tricked. the thing is, the more you travel with, the cheapest fare you will get :) it was like my experience in Phuket, since I went with only one of my friend, taking taxi was a bit expensive for return about THB 450 - 500 compared to bus THB 150, so you need extra budget for the fare.

2. Island Hoping : THB 1,200
you will get half day island hoping by visiting about 6 islands during the day, snacks, mineral water and heavy meals for your lunch. as I always mention in some of my postings, make sure that you tell the tour guide/travel agent that you are student, so ask for student price, but you have to make sure that your face suit enough to be a student :)) the amount of THB 1,200 was set after the trick applied, the price reduced from THB 1,600 :)) 

3. Kayaking: THB 500
this activity needs about 4 - 6 hours, usually you will be picked at 9 am. My experience was a bit different, since my flight schedule was at 2 pm, so I have to leave my hotel around 12 at noon. Have nothing to do in the morning, so travel agent set the kayaking start at 7 am :)) the driver, doubled as instructor, was so very on time, and Kayaking finished at 10.30.

4. Taxi Ao Nang - Krabi Town return: THB 800
For me, the only place that I can enjoy in Krabi at night was the night market at Krabi Town. you have to take taxi or tuk tuk to get there. I took taxi from Ao Nang beach and ask the driver to pick up, so I take return for the taxi. Sometimes the taxi driver will charge you more for waiting, but still you can bargain. Usually they target 3 hours for waiting, they will ask for extra charge for more than that hours. but by using "we are student, please" so the driver surrender for the fare THB 800  :D see, it worked again and again :)

So those 4 points are the main expenses during in Krabi, but you can adjust the budget as you need.

You can contact Ni - 089-649-3809 to arrange your trip.
Happy picnic!

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