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It is about the unfinished itinerary I have made to serve a friend that I really hope could enjoy Malaysia more than he did before. I have planned this for quite sometimes. It was back in 2010 when the first topic about he visiting Malaysia came into our minds. Couple months ago he made it, he visited my third hometown in Kajang. I do not know how to express my feeling of having him at that time. He has no idea how overwhelm I am knowing he landed safely :') I was just so happy that he finally made it. We spent like almost 36 hours together during his visit. I took him to some tourist attractions; Batu Cave, KLCC, sightseeing around KL, had pecel lele mba aan for lunch, had dinner at Murni, had a try to drink coffee at Old Town as I promised, try the public transportation and enjoy the long way road from Kajang to KL. But that was not good enough for me as the host. He even dare to sleep almost like 12 hours that ruin my itinerary on another day :)) funny. I have always been meaning to take him enjoy my four-years-story-living-in Malaysia, show him the place where I used to live, take him to some kedai where I usually have my meals,  take Hop On Hop Off bus that we can see the whole KL and visit museums, take him to Malaka and Penang as I always tell him that I like those places too much, and probably he just simply forgot about me like it hehe. It should be more fun. Should be. If it happens that he read this, I wish that he could pay another visit, on my graduation, perhaps? Then I will take him to the place that I have ever told you once or twice and tell you a lot more stories on our way to get those places. Promises have made! 

So, see you soon! 

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