A letter for a travel mate.

By 9:17:00 AM

at Tung Chung Station, HK

Dear Sur,

Remember the photo? It was your first time wearing your first boots, two first timing at the same time :) That was your first experience presenting your paper abroad, after Malaysia which we cannot take a count as it was our second home :D It was our not-so-dream-about-picnic to Hong Kong, and you made it with a paper on your hand! There were so many first timings you have gone thru, the thick and thin experience. You will go thru a lot more, years ahead. So, on this special day, raise your hands and make a wish of y(our) next destinations, plan for the next first timing! Two locals and one abroad in a year, will ya? 

Happy birthday Sur, May you always poured with happiness, joys and bless.

It's been remained blank for a while since I don't know what to write to you :)


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