Cirebon porridge

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My friend suddenly text me to ask where is the best Cirebon porridge in my hometown, Cirebon it is. Actually, I kinda confused on the concept of Cirebon porridge in Jakarta, since we don't have such a thing in Cirebon *LOL. I only find Cirebon porridge, with that kind of texture, side dishes, and flavor, in Jakarta. I always talk to myself on how could Warung Tegal does exist so everywhere, whilst there's none in Tegal. This situation also happen to what so called as Ais Bandung/ Air Bandung, a common drink in type of diner in Malaysia, which is never exist in Bandung itself , as well as that special Cirebon porridge *LOL.  Well, it is the migration affect. How people move from their homeland to another for any reason(s). They start a brand new life working in a company, hold a new business etc and of course some of them try to preserve their own culture, one of the situation is the existence of Cirebon porridge. How people from Cirebon try to survive in Jakarta by holding such a business providing breakfast. In order to signify their identity as Cirebonese, then word Cirebon come up to accomplish the identity of the porridge-- Cirebon porridge. So it is, there's no Cirebon porridge in Cirebon :D

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