2012 journey

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Suddenly thinking of what I have been through in 2012, what I achieved and what not.

  • February 2012 visited Macau
  • March 2012 got my paper presented at ASAHK, Hong Kong
  • March 2012 visited Dubai & umra with my family
  • May 2012 traveled to Chiang Mai & Bangkok with #you
  • June 2012 traveled to Krabi with 3 of good friends
  • August 2012 traveled to Bandung safely after years
  • October 2012 traveled to Lampung
  • November 2012 got my papers presented in JICC, Yogyakarta and traveled to Yogyakarta with 13 others
  • November 2012 got my 3 papers published in 2 proceeding
  • December 2012 pointed as reviewer for Journalism and Mass Communication Journal by David Publishing 

Feel so grateful that I did numbers of trips, planned and unplanned. Unfortunately, I have not achieved some of my academical targets. Well, hopefully for this 2013 I will fulfill my targets, especially in academic wise, here they are:
Targets were made, efforts are needed.
Tough year, indeed. 

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