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Been in Kajang, Malaysia for four days already and I really get the global atmosphere here :) Actually I intend to highlight the way people walk in Malaysia, especially some part of it where I usually stay in--Bangi, Kajang and Kuala Lumpur. After more than four years study about Intercultural Communication, I object the  very famous statement about Indonesia and Malaysia have the same or not so much different culture. It is SIMILAR, but it is not the same, not even close. Really. I regularly hear people whining and complaining about they don't understand what are Malays talking or Malay language is odd so on and so forth. But most of them are complaints instead of compliments. It is not because am studying here, it is more like I try to be more mindful about what this culture is all about. Apart from the minuses that some of you complaint about, don't you realize that the life here is faster than ours? I don't know whether it is my subjective opinion or it is. The time runs faster than in our country, the people walk faster than, at least me, the information flow faster, the advancement of technology is faster and so on. Yesterday when I got down from the monorail, I realize that almost every individual walking fast, fast and fast. That was not a peak time, just regular time, not after office hour, not at lunch time, it was just regular time. In my place, Jakarta, I rarely find such phenomenon. It is as if they are running for something. All of them? Almost! 

Then I just wondering, can we walk faster in our country? as if we want to catch the sun and the sky. Can we? Can you? Can I?

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