I am linked therefore I am

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"I am linked therefore I am" - Kenneth J. Gergen
I always concern about how people (re)created their identity. Identity is something that we construct as the result of communicating with others. The you-and-me-relationship created sort of construction about "who am I" and "who you are". It is not easy to (re)create an identity for what we have created may not merely interpreted as what we intend to be understood by others. Therefore, presenting our identity in the society is not a simple process.

Does everyone see you as yourself? As what you have created as you? Probably not. Different identities are emphasized depending on whom we are communicating with and what the conversation is about.

How you communicate, act and the way you build the relationship can "help" others to put a label as your identity. It might not the identity construction that you want, but it is what they got from the interaction with you. 

You got what I am saying? 

Be a mindful person to construct the right identity for yourself, or else, the environment will create the identity for you.


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