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I cannot help myself not to comment on any articles or a single phrase which comparing the role of "working mom" and "stay at home mom". I do not even understand why do the terms are even constructed?

I am not married, yet. I am working. I am student. I am a child whose mom doesn't work.  I know how hard my mother raise the children and be co-captain in the family. Running the family aint easy. I have friends who are working and not. I know lots of stories about the tears of leaving the children during high fever for an important meeting. That's rough. I learn a lot from my surroundings. Therefore, I do not have any clue WHY DO PEOPLE SHOULD COMPARE THE WOMEN WHILE THEY ARE JUGGLING WITH A TO Z THINGS FOR THE FAMILY?

Everyone has their own battle, and it has never been easy to live with. Do not be such a-I'm glad to be at home because bla bla bla or I'm glad that I am working so that bla bla bla-attitude, because THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT. AT ALL. Please people, do not ever judge. Leave them alone with their choices and battle field. They are facing a hardship, so do not bother their life. They do not care about yours either, by the way.

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