Ngong Ping with Mom

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Tired feet

Happy Mommy!

The scenery 

I always have a dream to take my parents somewhere they will enjoy as holiday. I could not make it by this year, but my brother did and I have a chance to take part of it; being an escort of my mom visiting Ngong Ping. 

I and my family had a chance to have family holiday to Hong Kong and Macau last May. We arranged a six full day itinerary by considering some requests of visit and time frame. There was a day when I and my Mom choose not to go to Disneyland with the other members. I propose to her that we can go to Giant Buddha by taking cable car so we can enjoy the natural scenery all the way to get there. She approved. Then we go.

What I like about our trip was that she laugh and smile a lot. It was like A LOT A LOT! She was very excited to pose here and there, take picture here and there. She enjoyed the wind, green hills and terrified of height at the same time. We recorded some videos and took a lot of selfie. 

Up till now, she cannot stop telling people how great was the trip. I am glad that she really enjoyed it and take it as something memorable in her life. I love you, Mom. 

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