So long, Aki

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He was a perfect grandfather with all his imperfections. He was a handsome-wise-cynical-man who ever raised me. I remember how he looked with safari suit walking closer to me after a long tiring working day, with a packet of chocolate for his little grand daughter. I can still fell the happy feeling when he lift the little me with his two firm hands. I might remember many things and forgot some as well. But one thing for sure, I will always remember that he loved me.

Earlier this year, I noticed that he was getting weaker and weaker. One day when he got his heart attack, I sat beside him, rested my head on his shoulder, he was saying "Ade sekolah yang bener ya, doain Aki bisa ketemu Ade lagi, ya". And, yes..I managed to see him after. Every time I met him, I always whispering to myself a simple wish "Allah, give me a chance to see him again, please". My wish came true once, twice but not for the third times. Allah has taken him back, Allah has taken all his pains. Even though I could not have a chance to say a proper goodbye, but my prayer always be with him.

I love you, Aki. You are in a perfect place, now.

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