Student Visa Cancellation

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Early April this year, I had to renew my student visa. Due to my history of study, I was told that the visa will be valid for the next 6 months only, which due on October 2016. Somehow I got one full year visa up till April 2017. I was excited and relieved that I will have plenty of time to apply for jobs here in Malaysia. Then, God has his own story to tell, I got an offer a month a go, Alhamdulillah. Since my student visa is still active and I have to apply for another visa for professional work permit, so I have to make a cancellation to my student visa. So, today I made an application for visa cancellation. 

For those who are studying at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, here are some requirements you should fulfill for visa cancellation. For other universities, the requirements should be the same, I supposed, for it is based on immigration regulations. Make sure that you come early to the International Student Center (ISC) office and make a registration by writing your name and Matrik Number on the green sheet provided by the officer, otherwise you won't be served. Bring all particular documents needed, make sure that you have made a check list before you come to the ISC office, so that you can proceed the application on the same day. The process will take about two to three weeks, depends. The visa cancellation will cost you RM 53, so provide the amount on your visit. 

So, that's all about the student visa cancellation. Wish me luck! 

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