Sunday Morning at Victoria Park

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Have you ever watched or heard of a film entitled Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park? This film has inspired me, or many Indonesians who visited Hong Kong, to visit the place which mostly occupied by Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (TKI) every weekend. Victoria Park is actually a public place where people can gather, do sport and express their existence through events. When I visited the park in 2012, my knowledge about the activity at the park was enlightened by the view in front of me; on how they dress, what they do, how they speak and interact. I was not really have time to go around and observe well. But when I went back there early of this year, I had opportunity to walk around and have an eye for understand what is going on there.  A good writing by my sharp-thinker friend, Ivan, can give you the illustration about the activity at Victoria Park. 

My mother was very excited to have a walk around the park. We bought some food from the TKI as risoles, bakwan, bakso, mie ayam and pecal. We were not hungry enough to eat or missing hometown for buying Indonesian food. Rather, we were curious to talk with them. Buying foods they sell was the good bargain for having a little chat. The conversation theme was very predictable; as why are they coming here and not to the other countries. From such a question, you can get more than one phrase of story. That's the uniqueness of meeting TKI, you can somehow get an interesting, inspiring and unpredictable stories. 

That was a nice morning to enjoy the city and understand the society in different perspective.

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