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Early in the morning I got messages from family and my fiance and lots lots of messages from friends. Thank you. So, I celebrated my birthday in KK and it was a O K. I asked the owner of my house whether I can move in on 24th or not since I hope that I can spend my birthday at the new home, and he said yes. So last week I officially move in and had lunch celebration with two friends and a delicious birthday cake. 

That they were; Gus and Jaya. Jaya was the one who treated us for he said that the friend should treat the birthday buddy, so I was treated. We had lunch at Upperstar at Lintas Square. The food is quite affordable with huge portion and good taste. That was the first time me had meal at Upperstar. This restaurant is like everywhere and always be full house. My friend said that Upperstar is the cheaper version of Chili's, and yes it is.

Besides, I also got present from my friend away from Russia. The graduation cutie statue is intended for my graduation and the small mirror is for my birthday. Nice, huh? Thanks Anton.

Other story on my birthday was that I sent 2 messages for both my parents saying thank you and all that melancholy wordy message. I promise myself to get in touch more with them since I am so far here in KK and will see them very rare in time. So, in me new age, I really hope that I can fill in the gap of distance with a routine phone call and messages. Paying more attention on their life and health. Being aware of everything happen to them. I won't be a great daughter, but I will never stop to try my best.

I really wish that I can be a good person, a better one in the future. Aamiin. 

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