Indonesian taste in Sabah

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Ayam bakar balado - Warung Bandung
I just known few Indonesian restaurant nearby and I found it nice..The above picture was taken yesterday. The restaurant is Warung Bandung near my house at Kepayan. Once I entered the restaurant, I can hear sundanese song was played. The waitresses were also speaking in Sundanese to each other. I got a chance to use my not so good Sundanese language at that time. It felt like home. The food taste good with good price as well. 

The other kedai is nearby my working place. It is just a walking distance in Sembulan area. The ayam penyet is very crispy and the sambals were good. They serve two kinds of sambal; mentah/raw and a bit sweet one. I prefer the sweet one since the other one is a bit bitter sour. They poured some vinegar into the sambal I guess. I found that some kedai here mixed their sambal with vinegar to make it fresh or something.

So, I think I will survive here for another couple of years.

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