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I came to KK early on December 2016, I did not realize that December is the month of massive taking leave :)) I mean, December is school holiday, so most of parents/workers taking leave for vacation with their family. Other thing that there were three mondays-off, so lot of holidays on that month that I have to spend either alone or alone :)) It was even worse at the end of the month, people seemed go do not know where and my office was a total empty. 

It's just like my new year, I was staying at home for the whole three days. Not really staying la, I went to market and some other more places to buy foods or something. But most of the time, I sat at home. Re-watching movies, eating and having more sleeps. Well, I did yoga. Yeaaay! A bit sad actually since my body seems cannot cooperate to do some poses. I struggled enough, especially to do forward fold pose. But, that's the price I should pay for taking off yoga for full year, last year. Sad. 

Anyway, picture above is my living room, where I spend most of my time during staying at home. I try not to spend a lot of time in bedroom for I do not want to much sleeping. This year, I wish to be more productive, in so many ways. Therefore, bedroom is forbidden place during the day. In fact I spent lot of time to watch movie in the living room hahaha what a lazy girl! 

I just bought the sofa cover, I really hate when my sofa is dirty let alone this is rented one. I do not want to disappoint the owner by returning the house dirty. I, myself felt sad and mad at the same time knowing my apartment left dirty with broken sofa and bed. They were cruel. I have no idea how they use the property in the house. Huft. 

That's all for now. 

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