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In certain amount of time, you can become someone that you hate. Someone who put some ridiculous demand on other. Someone who ask people to put a pity. Someone who cannot stand on your own and expecting other to look at and give a hand.

During that ridiculous time, you have no idea what is going on. You cannot even trust yourself. Your mind does not work properly, nor your feeling. All you know that other has made you upset.

And when that moment comes, you know already that you will face some difficult time to face the storm. The storm that you do not know where it is coming from nor heading to. You know that the moment the storm comes, you have nothing left to say because you know nothing is running undone. Nothing is really happening. All is in your own mind. The feeling. The thinking.

You pity yourself for no reason. You forgot that you have many things that you forgot to thank for.

You have plenty of time to sit down and mirroring yourself. What do you want?

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