Every good thing must come to an end

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I still remember the first day I landed in this city. It was early in the morning, while people were enjoying their sleep, I believe, I landed with mixed feeling; happy, nervous, excited, curious and tired. I put so much hope in this city. The hope that I really wish could bring me somewhere good, better. 

I still remember the day when I found a tiny house to rent nearby Airport. The place where I finally decided to stay all this while. The house that witnessed so many things in my life here both private and professional. I utilised the house not only as shelter, but also the place to share a lot of memories and finish up my working tasks, sadly. Yes, I am a bad employee, I brought my work home many times >.<

After all three years (plus) in this town, I have finally decided to leave with half of my heart still stay here. I have A to Z reasons to leave, yet stay. But leaving is the ultimate decision to be taken for the betterment of everyone. Especially me myself. 

It is now the time for me to count day by day towards the departure. It's sad. Yet excited. And nervous. 

Well, every good thing must come to an end. 

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