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I texted one of my favourite students few days back. I informed him that I am leaving the faculty soon. I asked him to drop by into my office if he could before my departure. I did not expect that it would be today that he surprisingly appeared in front of me and saying "you said that I can drop by if I can, so I have time now". I suddenly cried. Aside of the fact that I am a crybaby person, I am touched that he meant what he said. 

I have been teaching him for numbers of semesters. He is the only student in his batch and he managed to finish the whole journey perfectly with distinction result. What a tough journey, I could imagine. He is a good student. One of the best that I have ever taught. 

I remembered during our classes, I always enjoyed the discussion part as I will learn something new or got new information from him. In that case, delivering some knowledge have made me earned some as well, even more that what I have given.

Having the student standing in front of me with sincere face and heart will, I melted, I cried. I am happy and touched. I know I must have done something good that I got this wonderful treatment from my student. I do not know whether I deserved this. But thank you. 

I just hope that he, and the rest of my students, will get the best experience and job for their future. My heart and prayers will go with you guys.

Best of wishes.

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