Online classes: the struggle is real

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All my classes are converted into online. The thing is, asking students to read and actively participating in class is damn hard! 

You explain, they don't really pay attention. You send document so that they can read the instructions, they don't really read. Some of them didn't even download the file 😭 You typed it millions of time in the group chat, they marked it as read. 

Sometime they leave you typing many messages during the "class" and leave you conduct your monologue running for 2,5 hours. No response. No nothing. Up till I typed "I feel like doing monologue" then only they said "sorry". Without really replying your previous notes there. 

The class preparation was tiring. Thinking about how to conduct it effectively is insanely taking my entire 24/7. And when you know that the class was ignoring your effort, it's hurting the most. 

People say "ikhlas". 
Yeah, I have to practice more of that. 

For the students who have been really enthusiastic during my class, THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️

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