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I'm currently in the process of taking certification for lectureship. One of the requirements of the process is perceptional assessment done by students that I have taught. 

During my teaching experience I always try my best to give whatever I have to all my students. I keep on reflecting myself what's good so far and what to improve. I have this self reflection every week, every half of the semester and at the end of semester to make sure that I can fill up the holes and never do the same mistakes in teaching twice. 

I have never expected that students will like me as a person or perhaps as an academician. What I always worried about is that they learn nothing from my class. That's why I take this teaching thing super duper seriously. Yes, money is the reward, but beyond that I feel like having a huge responsibility to deliver knowledge and make sure it's delivered well. 

So, when I know that my students will assess me, I worried in regards to my pedagogical skills. Did I teach well? Did I deliver material enough and clear? Do students get benefit from my class? And thousand of thoughts. 

But when your students texted you and said "Bu, sudah saya isi, ya. Semangat Ibu!" or another text said "Bu, semoga urusan Ibu dimudahkan ya" or "Semangat, Ibu da best", I feel like crying. Literally. 

I see the students sincere in helping me get through the certification process. They are not only willing to assess me, spent their time to read the assessment's questions, but also they know how important this is for me. I feel touched and loved. 

Thank you students. 

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