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Feeling Tired and Fatigued with COPD
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I don't know if it's just me, with weird personality, or everyone experience to feel so helpless and tired every one and another day in their life. 

Once I woke up, a never ending list of what to do today are there on my mind. As I finished folding my blanket, one by one to do list are queuing. I feel like screaming and saying STOP, I AM TIRED. 

In between the work a lot more things are jumping in here and there; bills, bills, bills, people's feeling, how's my parents, how's the friends and family, how are my students etc. Last weekend I have no energy to even do my other to do list. I shut my self down. Did not really replying texts from students or colleagues. I am tired like hell. 

I'm crying. I AM TIRED.

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