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I have finished a set of test and documents fulfilment for a certification. It was tiring, indeed. The first thing that I can highlight is that I didn't prepare myself for this in a short period of time. The process itself required many documents including some qualification in English proficiency and Academic Potential score test, and perceptional assessments from several parties involved during my tenure in my current workplace. 

I feel tired and have no expectation regarding the result at the first place. But praise to Allah that I passed that stage and can move to another. Another tourturing process. I have to answer a series of questions coherently. It took my 24 hours to finish the write up. 

Different from the previous process, I feel so nervous and worried about this one. I can't simply say 'I have done my part, let Allah do the rest". I remember, previously I can let myself calm and just give in with the result. But this one, I have my expectation whereby I shouldn't. It's probably because I'm too tired and sleepless, I need a reward. I supposed.

But I am currently trying my best to control my feelings. I want to set myself for whatever the result will be. Be grateful of what I have done so far, what I'm capable of. 

Calm down. Calm down. Calm down.

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