Never ending to do list

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Sometimes I feel so alive buried in a bunch of to do list, the never ending ones for it will be added up every single hour. But at some other time I feel so occupied and tiresome of doing things up to the point that I forgot to cut my nails.

Everything started even during my sleeping time. Task by task seems queuing on my to do list. So when I woke up, I feel like I'm a robot which button is already pushed by the owner. Starting to do this and that, one task started after the others. 

Humanly, my mood swing sometimes. My innerchild seek for so much attention from my adulthood. I feel tired. I feel used. I feel the hatred I buried for decades. I feel mad, crazily. I started to grumbling at everything. I started to pity myself. I started feel like burdened. I feel the evil. 

But when it comes to me slapping myself, I have to stay sane for live is going fast and I cannot let myself left behind. I started to get back slowly to reality. Not really slowly, I push myself to get back to reality. Back to the A to Z to do list. Back being a robot. 

I'm tired. I'm mad. I'm tired. 

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